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Scrum and other Agile processes put a great deal of emphasis on developing, growing and empowering self-organizing teams. While self-organizing teams are essential for success with Scrum and Agile, long term success with Agile requires managers and senior leaders to set direction, share their experience and participate in delivery.  During this one-day, interactive session, consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer® Carlton Nettleton will help you learn the business benefits of adopting Scrum and Agile, discover how to leverage the Agile mindset to improve project and program execution, and recognize the important role managers leaders play in an Agile environment.

A great introduction to Agile for managers & leaders

This interactive session is entirely focused on helping managers and leaders establish a common Agile vocabulary with the teams they manage, and begin the early steps of adopting the Agile mindset. Using Carlton’s experience working with leaders from a variety of businesses, participants will learn the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum , allowing them to support the long-term success of their stakeholders and customers in the fast-moving business world of the 21st-Century.
The learning objectives for the sessions are:
  • Discuss each piece of the Scrum framework – its purpose and interaction with the other pieces of the framework.
  • Identify the rights, responsibilities and interactions of each role in Scrum – Team member, Product Owner, ScrumMaster and Stakeholder.
  • Define the Agile mindset and identify at least three key mindset shifts required to effectively lead and manage Product Owners and Scrum teams.
  • Identify at least three challenges an organization might face when undertaking Scrum beyond a single team.
  • Describe at least three characteristics of a high-performing Agile team and how these characteristics relate to the agile mindset.
  • Express at least three reasons why organizations are seeking to adopt Scrum and Agile and 21st-Century.
  • Describe the benefits of an Agile approach from the perspective of at least three stakeholder groups with different needs.
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