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We have published a number of articles and teaching as Scrum resources aids that might be useful for others.  Please make use of them.

  • Fourteen Observations of Good Scrum Practice – my personal reflections on how to do Scrum well.  This guide (5.6 MB PDF) forms the basis of how I understand and describe Scrum.
  • Catorce Observaciones para la Práctica de un Buen Scrum  – mi libro sobre Scrum ha tranducido en español (2.2 MB PDF).
  • Scrum Workflow – my diagram showing how I tend to explain the Scrum workflow.  This English picture (1.5 MB PDF) and Spanish picture (1.5 MB PDF) shows the importance of feedback in Scrum and the two first-order deliverables provided by each Sprint.
  • Scrum Rights – short one-page description of identifying the four Scrum roles and their attendant rights when participating in Scrum.  This English handout (0.6 MB PDF), and its Spanish equivalent (0.9 MB PDF), are part of my Certified ScrumMaster and Intro to Scrum classes.
  • The 4C’s: An Instructional Design Process – a short mark-up designed to teach learners about Accelerated Learning and the 4C’s.  This document (11.3 MB PDF) is a excerpt from Sharon Bowman’s book, Training From the Back of the Room.
  • Buy a Framework – use this one-page handout (0.49 MB) to introduce the Scrum framework using Buy a Feature, a popular Innovation Game created by Luke Hohman.
  • Comprar un Marco – utilice esta hoja (0.61 MB) para introducir el marco de Scrum por Comprar una Caracteristica, un Juego de Innovación popular por Luke Hohman.
  • The Core Commitments – a one-page document (0.99 MB) that outlines the eleven fundamental behaviors participants agree to follow when using Jim and Michelle McCarthy’s  Core Protocols.
  • The Art of Powerful Questions: Catalyzing Insight, Innovation and Action  – this is a great e-book (0.3 MB) is the perfect resource and summary about Powerful Questions and how to use them effectively.


Creative Commons LicenseYou are free to share, distribute and build upon these resources within the constraints described by this Creative Commonslicense.