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Look Forward Consulting is available for both Scrum consulting & Scrum coaching through short-term and long-term engagements with your business. While every organization has different needs and unique objectives, here are some typical activities we do with most clients:

  • Develop and support self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
  • Boost productivity by regaining focus and eliminating unnecessary multitasking through Scrum training.
  • Develop a cadence of delivery by establishing a regular schedule of reviews.
  • Provide greater visibility into the product development process by developing easy-to-understand and responsive plans.
  • Enhance product quality by improving technical execution and incorporating the customer’s needs earlier.
  • Foster participation from key stakeholders through effective prioritization meetings.
  • Support requirements elaboration through user story writing workshops.
  • Facilitate retrospectives and lessons learned meetings.
  • Identify and expedite the removal of organizational impediments.
  • Improve the flow of value through the organization.
  • Mentor teams and individuals to higher levels of performance.


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